Community Programs

Free and voluntary Aged Care facilities services and divertional therapy assistance. Free assistance to new immigrants with necessary guidance.


Tract Distribution, on-the-street evangelism, house visits.

Sunday School

All children are welcome to join our fascinating Sunday School ministry, conducted for an hour every Friday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Children from 4 to 16 years of old are encouraged to learn Bible stories, songs, action songs, skits and drama, and much more.


Youth In God's Service (YINGS) is the youth movement of APA Church using English language. Young adults in their teens and youths are meeting and developing a Christian community among themselves all geared up for the service of others with the love of Christ. This special group of people are encouraged to use their God-given talents to worship God and to spread the good news of the Cross among their friends reaching out putting services first.


Pentecostal Young People Association is the place where talents are developed by encouraging all APA members to participate in several activities. This monthly program is aimed to sharpen the Christian skills of individuals to use for the expansion of God's kingdom.

Fasting Prayer

APA starts each month with fasting and prayer for the first three days of the month, i.e. Friday to Sunday. All APA members are encouraged to fast and pray for several needs.